Pink and Say

by Patricia Polacco

 1. Copy of Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco.
 2. Pencil
 3. Computer with Printer


Before You Read
Chose one of these activities to complete before you read Pink and Say.  These activities will help you understand the topic of the story better.

1. KWLS Chart


2. Predictions

While You Read:

1. Vocabulary Definitions

2. Story Pie

After You Read

You will need to complete one of the activities below after you have finished reading the story.  Also, don't forget to finish filling out your KWLS chart!

1. Writing a Letter

2. Interview

    EXTRA CREDIT: Write a one page story summarizing the answers to your interview questions.  This needs to be typed and include at least one picture.

I have made a small quiz on the Internet that you need to take after  you have read the story and finished all of the activities above.  Click on Pink and Say Quiz to take the quiz.  You might want to read the story one more time before you take this test.

Beyond What You Read - Fun Extensions

Now that you have finished Pink and Say, I would like you to write a short review of the book.  When writing this review, focus on some things you thought really made the story great or what didn't make it so great.  After you have finished writing your review click on the Patricia Polacco website below and send her your review through email.  Also, take some time to explore her website, she is a very interesting person.

How does this book relate to other areas in our life? There are many ways, but I have created two activities for you to complete that help you to see this relationship.  Choose one activity to complete and turn in for extra credit. These projects will take longer for you to complete and will not be do until two weeks after you have finished the book.

1. Civil War Reenactment

1. Location (a real place where a battle took place)
2. Information about your Reenactment Group

3. Uniforms worn by those participating in reanactment (these can be drawn by hand, with Paint on the computer, or printed off of Internet pages)
4. Two paragraph summary of how the reenactment took place (what happened?)

American Civil War Reenactment Page
    -Scroll down and click on Civil War Images or Photos of Battles.  This will allow you to see pictures of reenactments and understand how they work. You will want to use this page to gather information and learn about how reenactments take place.  Also, you can learn about the uniforms and outfits people wore during the real Civil War.  Make sure you click on many of the links on this page because they are very helpful!!!

Civil War For Kids Page
    -This is the same link as the one in the beginning, but you need to use it again.  You need to use this site to learn about the Civil War and the battles that took place.

...If You Lived At the Time of The Civil War by Kay Moore
    -This is not an Internet site, but a book that would be very good to read.  It explains what it was like to live during the Civil War.

2. Civil War Journal

1. Each journal entry is dated with the appropriate dates.
2. Each journal entry needs to be at least one page long.
3. Information about at least three battles need to be included.
4. The person writing the journal needs to be fighting in these battles or has a close relative fighting in the war.
5.  The person who is writing the journal needs to explain his view point on slavery.








All of the activities are completed correctly.  The directions were followed and the final project is done neatly without many errors. All of the activities were completed and 100% effort was put forth. Attitude toward project was positive.  The completed activities show a strong understanding of the story and its elements (plot, setting, etc.)


All or only some of the activities assigned are completed.  The directions were not completely followed and the project had a few errors. Some of the activities were completed and some effort was put forth.  Attitude toward project was average. The completed activities show only an average understanding of the story and its elements.


Not all of the activities are completed.  The directions were not followed completely and there were many errors. Not all of the activities were completed and a small amount of effort was put forth.  Attitude toward project was negative. The completed activity show a minimal understanding of the story and its elements.


This lesson plan was created by Rebecca Cartwright.