source of Crickwing book cover picture
By Janell Cannon
(grade 3)

Before you read

What do you know about cockroaches and ants?  How do they look different?  What do they eat?
How do they move?  Where do they live?
*   *   *   *
Complete the "K" (What do you know?) and the "W" (What do you want to know?)
part of a K-W-L chart.
*   *   *   *
After you complete the chart, check out these links that will help
you explore more about cockroaches and ants.

Cockroach motion video - Watch how cockroaches move!
FAQ Cockroaches - This site will help answer your questions about cockroaches.
All about Cockroaches - There is a nice life cycle of roaches picture here.
Cockroach picture gallery - Did you know that not all cockroaches look the same?

Diagram of ant's body - Do you know the parts of an ant?
Ant pictures - There are so many kinds of ants!

After you read

You have learned many new things about cockroaches and ants from reading Crickwing
and these internet sites.  Now it is time to complete the "L" part (What did you learn about
cockroaches and ants?) of the KWL chart.
*   *   *   *
Now do ONE of these two activities:
You can write a letter to Crickwing and let him know what you think about his story!
Click on this link to go to the letter!

Write a poem about Crickwing and his adventures.  Go to The Poetry Zone and submit your poem
for publication online!
*  *  *  *
Now you can take a fun roach quiz at Roach World to see how much you know.

Roach World! - Everything you would ever want to know about roaches

Beyond what you read

Would you like to explore what it feels like to be part of an ant colony?  Maybe you have a craving to
play with your food, just like Crickwing does...  These games and other great sites make you
one more step closer to knowing what Crickwing and his ant friends did for fun!

*   *   *   *

Download an ant maze game!
Ant Wars game

Playing with your food
Play with your food like Crickwing does!

Magic School Bus bug game

Thanks for visiting my page!
I hope you enjoyed reading and learning too!

(C) 2001  By Emily Morris